tennis Flooring


Tennis is a very popular sport that is played as a sport or as a recreational game. The game involves lots of back & forth action, keeping its viewers hooked to the game at all the times. There are immense benefits of Tennis as it keeps the body & mind healthy. Irrespective of the purpose, a game like Tennis that requires very high level of precision along with intensive physical & mental strength requires a good playing surface or infrastructure.

Sunzone, provides its service to build a state-of-the-art Tennis court and their maintenance, displaying quality products and workmanship. Sunzone philosophy is to bring finest available construction, surfacing, and accessories to meet our esteemed customer's requirements.

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Sunzone floorings allow for perfect ball bounce.


Sunzone has one of the widest variety of floors and colors for tennis both outdoor/indoor.

Sunzone offers excellence in installation including in doing perfect line marking on the floor.

Sunzone floorings have excellent slip resistance which are critical in tennis due to movements in all directions to avoid slipping.