Sports Flooring

Outdoor Sports Flooring

Outdoor Sports Flooring


  • Performance & quality on professional level
  • Safer & durable elastic surface
  • High technology certified flooring
  • Improved comfort for foot grip and anti- skid property
  • UV & Water resistance
  • Most Portable, low maintenance and cost-effective flooring

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Sunzone acrylic flooring is a high-quality outdoor flooring which is internationally certified and perfect for multi purposes outdoor sports events. The durabolt system is a value for money system as it provides a good hardcourt surface on which to play sports at one of the lowest rates for any sports flooring. Outdoor flexible, acrylic sports flooring system ideal for tennis court, basketball, volleyball, handball, badminton, and multisport as well as any other outdoor sport courts. Combination of wet-pour acrylic coatings in total average thickness of 2mm-3mm Certified system by the International Tennis Federation (I.T.F.) in Category 3 – Medium & Category 4 – Medium fast.

Hard Court - 5 Layers

5 Layers

Sunzone Standard 5 Layer Acrylic System

  • Composed of components that are produced with 100% pure acrylic latex polymers
  • System consist of 1 Primer, 2 Resurfacer, ColourTop coat 2 Layer UV Protected with Line Marking
  • Most economical system
  • It is classified as ITF Pace Rating-5
  • Recommended to be used on the asphalt floor, it can also be used on suitable concrete floors after the surface preparations are made with proper primer systems
  • Sunzone offers turnkey solutions including asphaltsub base/ fencing/lighting

Hard Court - 8 Layers

8 Layers

Sunzone Cushion 8 Layer Acrylic System

  • The system has acquired an elastic structure with UNIRUBBER coat that was created by mixing the very special granulometric rubber powder in a 100% pure acrylic latex polymer.
  • Cushion system is used for multipurpose in outdoors which provides a comfortable, safe and high-performance game for the player thanks to its impact absorber floor feature.
  • Classified as number 4 pace rating by ITF
  • System consist of 1 Primer, 2 Resurfacer, 3 Layer of Cushion, colour Top coat 2 Layer UV Protected with Line Marking
Outdoor Sports Flooring