Athletic Track

Pre Fabricated Track

Pre-Fabricated Track

International standard IAAF Approved product Athletic Running & Jogging Track


  • The upper layer is heat-vulcanized honeycomb base, with special structure angled in the direction of running, which differentiates the biomechanical responsedepending on the type stress generated by athletes.
  • The bottom layer has been specially designed to boost vertical deformation, giving athlete a sense of comfort while training.


  • No Coating and No Granules, UV Stable.
  • Extremely Maintenance Friendly, Normal rainfalls carry away the surface dirt
  • Provides Great Traction In Wet Condition.

Product Specification

  • Thickness - 13 mm
  • Roll Width - 1.22 M ( 122 cm )
  • Roll Length - 15 / 20 M

Available Colour Shades

Elongated Honeycomb Backing technology. The lower layer is composed of an elongated diamond-shaped geometric structure that can be deformed in three dimensions to provide a perfect combination of shock absorption, energy storage and energy return, facilitating the foot's natural roll. When the athlete's foot hits the surface, the air cells are compressed, absorbing the impact and converting the stored energy into the maximum amount of kinetic energy. This way, impact and vibration are minimized, movement is more efficient and the energy yield is maximized. This significantly improves athletic performance.

Sample View : Top Side

Sample View : Bottom Side


Pre-Fabricated Track