Polyurethane and Adhesive


Huntsman PU Binder

Huntsman Polyurethanes' technology bond an extensive range of materials and resista wide variety of adverse physical condi- tions and chemical environments. Their versatility makes them a raw material of choice for the formulation of sealants, rubber crumb, panel laminating, flexible packaging or reactive hot melt adhe- sives.

Product Advantages

Bonding rubber granules with polyurethane adhesives opens possibilities to create high attractive products for improved comfort

  • Noise and vibration dampening
  • slip resistance
  • shock absorption

Scope of application

  • Rubber floor pouring systems
  • EPDM Kidsplay ground
  • For jogging & running track
  • For bonding Rubber granules
  • It is used for gluing rubber Roll and tills also for artificial grass


To manufacture these polyurethane composites the rubber granules are wetted with a prepolymer and transferred to a mould or press, where the mix is compressed and cured. Or for sports/play surfaces laid directly at the building site, by processes similar to those employed in road construction for the laying of asphalt. The properties of the composites depend on the particle size of the rubber granules, the constitution and the amount of the polyurethane one-component adhesive and in case of the moulding process also on the degree of compaction during curing.

Technical Data

  • Viscosity(25°C)
  • Density (20°C)
  • NCO value % 13
  • Colour: ligh yellow
  • Packing:200Kg