Artificial Grass Turf

Landscaping Turf

Landscape Turf 35mm

Product Specification

  • Pile Height : 35mm + 1 mm
  • Gauge : 3/8"
  • Stitches : 160 stitches/100 cm
  • DTEX : 10500 + 5%
  • Colour : Bicolour
  • Yarn : Straight & Curl
  • Backing : PP + Net + Latex

Sunzone Landscape architecture has gained huge popularity in the recent years. If you live in a limited rainfall area or have been curtailed from using sufficient water resource, then artificial turf is the solution for you. Landscaping with artificial turf is an environmentally responsible way of outdoor beautification of your property.

With advancement in technology, artificial turfs have come a long way and they appear as natural as real grass. These artificial turfs are in harmony with environment attributing to look like an attractive natural lawn. These landscaped artificial turfs look amazing all through the season with little maintenance.

Some important factors that one should consider while choosing the right flooring option are:

  • No mowing or weeding or watering required
  • No grass-pollen that causes allergy
  • No fertilizers required
  • Lush green all season throughout the year
  • Feels like real grass
  • No toxic materials
  • Good drainage system to keep the underfoot dry
  • Child and pet friendly
  • UV resistant and anti-fading
Landscape Turf