Cricket Flooring


Cricket needs no introduction as it is one of the most popular sports in the world. It is normally played on natural turf, but in many parts of the world, turf is being used for batting cages, and bowling pitches as natural products wear down much quicker than a factory produced artificial turf.

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Sunzone is one of the few companies that offers 2 distinct sports flooring offerings for cricket.


Sunzone floorings are easy to maintain which reduces your costs compared to natural grass.

Sunzone stocks cricket turf at all times.



Players get optimum ball bounce and unique playing experience


Flooring Option


Multipurpose Turf

Sunzone could provide multi-sports artificial grass, cover soccer, hockey, tennis, basketball, handball Cricket, gym CrossFit other sports non-professional use needs. Could meet the needs for multi-sports. A high adaptability turf to usethe strong high density to achieve. No rubber infill make it more environment friendly and more economically.