Polyurethane and Adhesive


BASF PU Binder

It is known as single component, polyurethane based multipurpose binder,Epdm binder sbr binder,adhesive binder, flourishing.

Product Advantages

  • It is water resistant
  • Cures quickly in hot and humid weather
  • It has a flexible structure
  • It provides excellent resistance in outdoor conditions.

Scope of application

  • In rubber floor pouring systems
  • EPDM Kidsplay ground
  • For jogging & running track
  • For bonding Rubber granules
  • It is used for gluing rubber Roll and tills also for artificial grass


BASF Polyurethane Rubber Binder In pouring applications, in order to connect EPDM rubber, SBR rubber, scraper granules in high efficiency, the granules must be clean, free from chemical oils, dust and soil free. For the mixture, SBR rubber is mixed with 15% to 20% binder in the mixer. The mixture of binder and rubber is poured on the previously cleaned surface, where PU binder primer is applied, and it is spread evenly with the help of a paver or trowel. Final adjustments are made by hand procedure and left to dry. After installing SBR application, EPDM application is made with the same system

Technical Data

  • Viscosity(25°C)
  • Density (20°C)
  • NCO value % 9-10
  • Colour: ligh yellow
  • Packing:50Kg