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Gyms are still the most popular way that people get their exercise routines in. Gyms offer today a multitude of classes, weightlifting areas, cardiovascular areas which can make the picking of flooring more difficult than in the past. Gone are the days of just weightlifting machines. Sunzone can help you pick the right flooring for the right area. In todays gym, one can have following types of areas i.e Gym workout, CrossFit, Functional marking, Free weight zone, Sted weight, aerobics, cardio zone, weight lifting, strength area, spinning studio, yoga & recreation, Zumba dance.

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Sunzone floors have good Indentation performance so that when heavy machines/weights are being placed on the floor they don't indent the floor in a major way.

Our floors offer high Abrasion resistance to avoid the heavy foot traffic on the floor from damaging the floor over a short period of time.

Sunzone floors have strong shock absorption for high intensity training.

We offer a wide range of colours that allow for the best Aesthetics of the floor.

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Sunzone Corporation, A leading company as importer, exporter and manufacturer for world class quality gym flooring products and sports surface material supplier.

Our premium gym rubber flooring is durable enough to withstand the most demanding environments including commercial gyms and large scale weight room, body fitness are as etc. From maintenance wise it makes a great option for Fitness areas under any condition. We offer a wide range of options in colors and thickness in flooring.

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