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Basketball Sports

Basketball Sports


  • Performance & quality on professional level
  • Safer & durable elastic surface
  • High technology certified flooring
  • Improved comfort for foot grip and anti- skid property
  • UV & Water resistance
  • Most Portable, low maintenance and cost-effective flooring

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Synthetic Courts - Acrylic Layered System are 100 % advanced sports surface professionally & technically. Acrylic layer systems are designed to provide consistent speed of play, texture, and vibrant colour to any indoor or outdoor facility. Acrylic tennis court surfaces are formulated to resist fading and withstand a variety of weather conditions from ice and snow to intense heat and ultra-violet rays. Applied only on dry asphalt and concrete surfaces (over 30 days old from date of placement) without rising humidity issues and free of materials that might prevent bonding e.g. dust, loose particles, grease etc. The success in the application depends on the right preparation of the underlay and use of the material.

We support and execute projects with expert applicators that are trained to install the most recognized tennis & basketball court surface in on either asphalt or concrete sub-bases.

Outdoor flexible, acrylic sports flooring system ideal for tennis, basketball, volleyball, handball and football courts, as well as any other outdoor sport courts. Combination of wet-pour acrylic coatings in total average thickness of 3.5mm – 4mm or more.

Certified system by the International Tennis Federation (I.T.F.) in Category 3 – Medium & Category 4 – Medium fast .

Hard Court - 3 Layers ( Customise )

3 Layers

Hard Court - 5 Layers

5 Layers

Hard Court - 8 Layers

5 Layers
Basketball Sports