Hockey is a highly demanding field game. It is all about speed and extra-ordinary strength and stamina. Tough nature of this game demands a good and tough playing surface. The amount of wear and tear that a hockey field goes through certainly demands a highly durable surface. The surface of a hockey field has to be absolutely flat, fast and good which will improve the players performance. On the contrary, a slow pitch hampers the player's performance. Sunzone hockey fields provide a consistent and durable surface.

Hockey is the national game of India and with Olympic medals into its credit, the game has gained immense popularity in most part of the world. Playing hockey builds extensive stamina with good body-co-ordination making the game very competitive. It is a mandate that such a competitive sport is played on a good surface and keeping this mind, Sunzone delivers a range of high-quality hockey turf. We offer both water based hockey pitch and sand dressed hockey fields.

Sunzone will analyse the specific location, which would have a significant influence on the design and construction of a new facility. In addition to this, Sunzone consists of necessary skills and experience to deliver a project which is sustainable as well as appropriate as per the client's mandate. Our prime emphasis is on how the entire project is structured and executed.

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Sunzone has one of the largest ranges of products for basketball in the market.


Sunzone has done so many basketball courts, and we have a deep experience with our own inhouse installers.

Our products offer excellent slip resistance due to side to side movement as well as perfect ball bounce.

Sunzone floorings have excellent shock absorption which helps protect from injuries due to the up and down movements of a basketball player.